Common Questions...

What all can you paint?
We can paint just about anything you can come up with and pay for! Skulls, Portraits, Flames (classic, tribal and true fire), scallops, stripes, animals, zombies, etc...

What can you paint on?
We have painted on just about everything you can imagine. Just to name a few are cars, motorcycles, air planes, helmets, fire trucks, trains (not illegally... lol!), toilet seat covers, mail boxes, prosthetic limbs, surf boards, baby cribs, fire hydrants, apparel and even human bodies.

How do price a custom paint job?
If your looking for a cheap paint job we are not your shop! We charge a base price to cover our top of the line materials. The rest of the price is based upon an hourly rate regarding time it takes the artist to design, layout and paint the artwork. The more colors and the more artwork equals the more time.

How much do you charge an hour?
We charge a flat rate of $40 an hour for prep/basing/clearing/polishing and $50 an hour for custom airbrush artwork. We do not count dry times on your paint job meaning you will not be paying us to watch paint to dry.

Will you take the parts off my bike and put them back on?
NO. We do bitchin paint. NOT mechanic work and can not be held liable for not hooking up something correctly on your bike or be blamed for some messed up sh!t that another mechanic did to your bike.

How do I get you my parts?
Simple. You can bring them to me AFTER we have set up a time and have an idea of what you are wanting or you can ship me your parts after you have drained ALL the fuel out of the gas tank. If shipping your parts to me I highly recommend taking a few pics of them showing their condition so if they are damaged in shipping you can let your shipper know. Do not be stingy on packaging material! Extra bubble wrap, soft blankets, cheap pillows, etc... will only help protect your parts.

How do I pay?
It's 50% upon receiving your parts and the remainder once you have seen and approve the finished product through either sent photos or in person. We accept Paypal, certified check/money order or cash. That's it.

What type of paint/material do you use?
Bitchin Paint uses water-based paints to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Do you warranty your work?
We take our time and do not rush any job to make sure your paint will not see issues arise that happen when a paint job is rushed. We warranty the material used and the workmanship for several years after the job is complete, but DO NOT warranty a customer being a dumb-ass and spilling gas all over their fresh paint, using improper cleaning materials to clean the finished paint job or typical road debris wear. (This include your ex keying your paint job cause you could not keep your hands to yourself.)

How long will it take you to paint my parts/vehicle?
We do nothing fast. Period! We are about quality not quantity. Do not expect us to paint your bike/car for a show or rallye when you drop it off 2 weeks before the event. We usually try to stay in the ball park of 90 days on bike and 5-6 months on custom car jobs. If you're wanting your bike parts or helmet by Christmas then we need them by October 1st. If by March, we need them by December 1st and etc... We work first come, first served and will let you know if there is a job in-front of yours.

Do you give discounts?
We offer a 10% military discount with the provision of a valid active or retired/veteran military ID proof sent or shown to us in person. That's it. We do not care if you just lost your job or are going through a divorce. You should have had a savings account or told your spouse more often that you loved her. We do not care how many people you will tell about us at the shows you go to because your paint will be so bitchin they will come up and ask you who painted your ride anyway. Again, if you want a cheap paint job go to a cheap painter.